Structure and Operations

Operating from offices in Edinburgh, Scotland, Southampton, England, San Diego, California, and Boston, Massachusetts, SeeByte has achieved a position of leadership in the development of smart software for underwater vehicles, sensors and systems in both the Military and Oil & Gas sectors. SeeByte provides products and services to major government and commercial clients around the world. SeeByte is a subsidiary of Battelle. Battelle is a leader in maritime technologies; enabling rapid development and deployment of solutions for government and industry.
SeeByte Ltd, the main trading company of SeeByte, has offices in Edinburgh, Scotland and Southampton, England. Approximately 50 staff are employed in the UK working on software engineering and software research and development projects, software product development and support and sales, administrative and management functions.
SeeByte purchases very few products or services from third party suppliers.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Policies

No specific policies on slavery or human trafficking exist. These matters are addressed by our general polices on recruitment, supply chain management and business ethics. SeeByte considers itself at very low risk of coming in to contact with situations where slavery or human trafficking might be an issue.

Business and Supply Chain Risk

Two areas of SeeByte’s supply chain might be exposed to slavery or human trafficking issues.
SeeByte purchases small volumes and small values of consumer electronic equipment. There exists a risk that slavery or human trafficking issues exist in the distant supply chain for these items. SeeByte purchases these electronic items only from reputable and long established suppliers and we rely on their business ethics and supply chain management to ensure that human trafficking and slavery are not present in the supply chain.
SeeByte occupies rented office space in Edinburgh which is serviced by an agent on behalf of our landlord. Included in the services provided are cleaning services contracted by the landlord’s agent with a third-party provider. We have canvassed our landlord’s agent and received assurances from them that they have processes in place to avoid human trafficking or slavery in their cleaning operations.

Effectiveness of Our Approach to Slavery and Human Trafficking

Given our low level of exposure to supply chains with a significant risk of human trafficking or slavery issues it has not been possible to develop any internal metrics to assess our effectiveness.

Training About Slavery and Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking and Slavery issues are discussed at an All Hands Meeting at least once per year.